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Free eBook Face to Face With Elephants (Face to Face with Animals) download

by Dereck Joubert,Beverly Joubert

Free eBook Face to Face With Elephants (Face to Face with Animals) download ISBN: 1426303254
Author: Dereck Joubert,Beverly Joubert
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books (October 14, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 32
Category: Books for Children
Subcategory: Science Nature and How It Works
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Size FLAC: 1619 mb
Rating: 4.4
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You’re in the Land Rover, observing elephants from a safe, respectful distance. It’s a hot, hot day in the African bush, and the windows are down. But what’s this? Suddenly, you’ve got company! An elephant trunk is nosing around in your luggage for some water. Nothing new to Beverly and Dereck Joubert, the wildlife writers and filmmakers who get up close and personal with elephants of all sizes, experience their complex social structure, and witness first-hand their deepest emotions. Through Beverly’s stunning photographs and Dereck’s engaging narration, readers can follow the plight of a trapped baby elephant, discover the compassion of these gentle giants, and learn of the threats they face. The Jouberts take readers face to face with the elephants as they come under attack from lions...and from mankind. Learn how to help protect these animals and prevent shrinking herds being driven into ever smaller parcels of land.
User reviews
Well, I can say honestly this was given to a true lover of the majestic elephants. She was thrilled beyond words and actually got teary-eyed as she looked at the photos on Christmas morning, moved beyond words.
It is EXACTLY what I need to proceed with more books about elephants for children. My first book "The Adventures of Abra and His Magic Carpet' was filled with facts and fun but now I must be more specific!
I bought 4 books to give to my students who are doing projects to save our elephants and they were thrilled! I will probably buy more
pretty pictures
Can't beat it for the price. May pictures and very information. The gift is perfect for a coffee table book or a childs room.
not was i was looking for..i expected more for the price. mostly pics.. more for a younger person under 10
Very deceiving. I thought it would be like the Jourberts other book; 'Relentless enimies'. but it wasn't. Maybe 20 pages or so. This was NOT the coffee-table book I thought it would be.
When she heard the squeak of them trying to step out of their vehicle the elephant charged at it like she'd been shot out of a cannon. Dereck Joubert quickly put the truck into neutral so when she hit it she would not injure herself. After the incident, he forgave her because she had obviously been attacked by a poacher in the past as he could see a healing wound. That was some saucy elephant! Dereck says "They've got attitude, and I like that. At the same time they are the gentle giants of Africa."

There are many interesting facts you may not know about elephants. For example, what sounds like a rumbling tummy is actually an elephant talking to another. Did you know that when a baby elephant is born there is a big celebration? No, they don't hand out cigars, but they do a lot of "trumpeting and wailing." Did you know that elephant poop is valuable? Yuk!

This story was charming and exciting from the beginning. The photography just shouts the magnificent character of the African elephant and begs the reader to learn more about this creature. There are a few interesting sidebars scattered through the book and in the back the author lists ways to help, activities, "facts at a glance," a glossary and additional resources to browse. In this book you'll find a lot about these wonderful gentle giants and get the scoop about that poop!