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by Stella Ormai,Annabel Johnson

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Author: Stella Ormai,Annabel Johnson
Publisher: Apple (May 1, 1995)
Language: English
Pages: 105
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I was out there looking for her winter camping site where she would live half the year working on her book with husband Edgar

Leaper, a kangaroo rat who can communicate with humans, enlists the aid. I was out there looking for her winter camping site where she would live half the year working on her book with husband Edgar. They are both passed now, and my last task for Annabell was to spread her ashes in the place she loved so, the Desert. Although I could not find the exact spot, according to the photos she gave me, I did find a suitable location. I will return each year till I find it. I will be building a web-site for Annabell & Edgar Johnson, where details of their life and books can be found.

Leaper, a kangaroo rat who can communicate with humans, enlists the aid of a boy named Julian to help defeat a "monster" that has been terrorizing the desert where she lives.

by. Johnson, Annabel, 1921-; Ormai, Stella, ill. Publication date. Leaper, a kangaroo rat who can communicate with humans, enlists the aid of a boy named Julian to help defeat a "monster" that has been terrorizing the desert where she lives.

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I am Leaper,' " she says. I have come to talk to you about a matter of life and death. Stella Ormai (illustrator). Seller Inventory M0590434004.

I am Leaper,' " she says. But they can see only the exploitive possibilities in a talking rodent so Leaper turns for help to 12-year-old Julian, who works in the lab as a cleaner. She warns him about a monster wreaking havoc in her desert home. Following Leaper's clues, Julian explores the desert, beginning to see it through her eyes. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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By (author) Annabel Johnson. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window).

By Stella Ormai, Annabel Johnson Other Books You Might Like.

By Stella Ormai, Annabel Johnson. lt;p Certain that what Leaper, a talking kangaroo rat being studied by scientists, has to say is important, Julian, a little boy, does his best to discover the identity of the Monster in the desert about which Leaper is warning everyone. Other Books You Might Like.

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Leaper, a kangaroo rat who can communicate with humans, enlists the aid of a boy named Julian to help defeat a "monster" that has been terrorizing the desert where she lives
User reviews
I read this book as a child and wanted to allow my son the opportunity to read it. He loved it.
I Am Leaper by Annabel Johnson is a boring adventure book that I wouldn`t recommend to anyone. The story happens when this boy named Julian gets a job at a laboratory. Then two men have a machine that can translates animals voices into words. Meanwhile Julian starts talking to the kangaroo rat named Leaper. And now julian has to go to this desert to find food this rat. In one of parts Julian has to defeat the deserts most deadliest snakes. One of the funny parts is when Julian thinks this tortoise is a rock and he sits on it. And on top of that, Julian has to defeat a monster,that kills and hurts things in the desert. Will he survive?

Leaper is a bossy kangaroo rat who has brown fur and a really long tail and he can talk to only Julian. Leapers feelings are hurt because he's stuck in a cage all day long. Leapers a really smart rat, [if he give can directions to his home all the way in the desert.] to a 12 year old kid . Leaper gets really excited, when Julian does what Leaper says. Like I said he's bossy.

All in all I Am Leaper is boring in some parts, but in other parts it`s exciting. You should spend some time reading this fantasy book.
If you are a fan of deserts, animals, and laboratories, this is the book for you! I am Leaper is about rat who has the gift of tongue and has come to a laboratory to save the desert from the horrible monster. The scientists are too excited to help Leaper, so it's up to Julian X. Jones to save the desert.

I Am Leaper is written by Annabel Johnson. The way she writes makes it seem as though she is an animal lover. She acts like she cares for the animals, like when Leaper won't eat her seeds, Annabel makes Julian go get seeds from the desert for Leaper.

We rate this book at three to four stars because it is very beneficial. We would suggest this book to any one who loves animals. I Am Leaper is a good book.
I am Leaper

Did you ever think animals could talk? Well in this book a kangaroo rat named Leaper can. Leaper is on a mission to tell the humans to leave the desert and the desert animals alone.

The only human that will listen to her is a 12 year old boy named Julian X Jones. He has to help Leaper fight a monster that's destroying her desert home.

One of our favorite parts is when Julian lets test lab animals free ,and do you want to know why? Well READ THE BOOK .

We recommend this book to animal lovers and people that like adventure.We give this book a 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

It's a great book for young readers from third to sixth grade.

By Kory and Dakota
The novel I am a Leaper, is sort of an easy boring book. It didn't show or teach me anything except a little bit of friendship. Annabel Johnson does a good job of making so that you want to keep reading after each chapter.

In the excerpt, there would be many changes that I would make. The two scientist (Hillington and Whitman). I would have them in the story more often and make them be mean and chase Julian around as he takes Leaper. I would talk about Julian's mother and father and have more involved with the help, he is giving to Leaper.

The characters were not believable because do we now if a kangaroo Rat is real? Or if Hillington and Whitman were real scienticed. But with a Kangaroo Rat in the story, it makes it different.

I learned that if you have a friend that is helping you, and even though you think he is a machine, you need to trust him.
I think this book was a pretty good book that was well written by Annable Johnson.I liked how they described where they were and the vocabulary was well done. They described the characters speech and behavior.

The novel I Am Leaper is the most interesting book I have ever read it held my interest and touched me in many different ways. Between the risk taking moments and heart taking moments Annabel Johnson catches your attention and makes you want to keep reading.

In the novel, the characters were so believable that you felt you could under stand and to relate to them. That is one of the reasons why I liked this story so much. One of my favorite characters is Julian. Though he disobeyed the bosses, Julian was a kind-hearted kid who liked to help animals.

The novel I Am Leaper was not a boring story at all. The author Annabel Johnson was able to hold the interest of the reader thought the story. The description of scenes was all so well done, you could picture them in your head. There were funny moments and some scary moments. One of my favorite scenes was when Julian and Leaper was in the cave looking for food and the high schoolers scared them and they hid under the rock. This scene was so well described I could see it in my head. After reading this book It has been so joyful I would read it every day.