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by Karen Bentley,Joanna Campbell

Free eBook Cindy's Heartbreak (Thoroughbred) download ISBN: 0613020863
Author: Karen Bentley,Joanna Campbell
Publisher: San Val (March 1997)
Language: English
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Subcategory: Animals
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Rating: 4.5
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Cindy's Heartbreak book. Cindy has trained Storm ever since he was a colt.

Cindy's Glory is the last book in the Thoroughbred series that Joanna Campbell wrote herself. Most loyal readers agree that Joanna Campbell, as the original author and creater, was the best.

Thoroughbred is a series of young-adult novels that revolves around Kentucky Thoroughbred racing and equestrianism.

Cindy has trained Storm ever since he was a colt. Now he's a full-fledged racehorse and he's blindingly fast. In his three-year session at Gulfstream Park, Florida

Cindy has trained Storm ever since he was a colt. In his three-year session at Gulfstream Park, Florida, he piles up victory after victory. Cindy is sure that storm is on his way to becoming a champion. When they get back to Whitebrook, though, disaster strikes. Cindy discovers that an incurable disease has spread through the area.

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Cindy's Heartbreak (Thoroughbred). by Joanna Campbell, Karen Bentley. Coauthors & Alternates. ISBN 9780613020862 (978-0-613-02086-2) San Val, 1997. Learn More at LibraryThing. Joanna Campbell at LibraryThing.

Cindy is heartbroken when she finds that her horse has tested positive for a deadly disease. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on June 20, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Cindy's Heartbreak (Thoroughbred Series Published March 1, 1997 by HarperCollins. There's no description for this book yet. CINDY MCLEAN SETTLED HERSELF IN THE SADDLE AND gripped Wonder's Champion's cold reins tightly, shivering as a frosty breeze cut right through her denim jacket.

Complete Set Series - Lot of 30 Thoroughbred books by Joanna Campbell. Customs services and international tracking provided. Scrapbook Storytelling by Joanna Campbell Slan (1999, Paperback).

User reviews
She loves horses and loves the series. She hopes to read them all. Buying used is a huge help for the parents. She has bought some herself too. :)
Mitars Riders
In Cindys Heartbreak a colt named Storms Rancsom falls under a deadly disease wich can kill all the horses in the barn. Storm was bought by Whitebrook at an auction for thoroughbreds. whitebrook was a large breeding and racing stable in Kentucky. Storm was one of the finest horses you can find. While March to Glory is having a time of his life on the racetrack, Cindy Mclean helps raise Storm. Cindy was once a runaway orphan who found a home at Whitebrook. Cindy loves racehorses and racing more than anything. While her colt Glory is having a finishing racing career Cindy has helped raise Storm since he came to Whitebrook. If you asked him to jump off a bridge, he would just to make you happy. Cindy knew Storm would do anything for his rider and was the sweetiest thing ever. He showed promise as a sprinter and sprinted his way to victory. but after 2 long exzausting races, Storm became sick. When the vet responds, he tells the owners of Storm and Whitebrook that Storm has a deadly disease that can kill all the other horses and the best thing to do would be to put him down. Cindy almost died when she heard that they might put Storm down. Cindy beggs Ashleigh Griffen and Mike Reese, Whitebrooks owner to keep Storm in the icealation stalls. But Cindy knows that Storm would be stuck inside his stall for the rest of his life and not enjoying life of the outdoors and horse friends. Will Cindy give up the colt she watched grow into a champion sprinter or let him suffer? Find out in Cindys Heartbeak. Or email me at [email protected]
Ok, so it was a pretty good book. I mean the plot and everything, and the way the author writes that makes you feel that you where there and the pain and everythings.

But the mane reason I gave it a 2 is because of Cindy's horse, March to Glory. I mean, when she first came to Whitebrook after the first book she was there she had devoted all her love and attention to Glory. She would even run away from the farm for him. And he had also brought Max together to be friends with Cindy, and started the close relationship with Heather when she helped him in training and drew pictures of him and everything. Max also helped, he almost died to save Glory!

But starting from book #19, everyone forgets about him. They let him go from their thoughts and the author uses the excuse that he sprained a tendon and can't race again so she won't have to worry about him and his races. Like Kallie Jacobson said, there needs to be more of an explanation of what happened to Glory between 19 and 20! I mean, all that love and trust Cindy put in him, in 7 books, she just abandons him in one single book! I mean, sure, you would pay more attention to a sick horse than one you've given so much for, but totally forget him? I mean, she considered him as her "other favorite horse" and when she said she was going to visit him she washed her hands but stayed int he house! I thought she would start to remember Glory's existance in #20 since Storm was gone, but now all the attention and love goes to Wonder's Champion, just because he's racing! My fav. chapter in #20 was 4, where she's on a trasil ride with Glory, and Cindy's riding him, not Heather. I mean, come on, she said on the trail ride when she was riding Storm and Heather was riding Glory that she could just jump on Storm's back and he'll gallop away if wolves came! That book almost made me quit reading the THOROUGHBRED series, but since I though maybe in 20 Cindy'd relize her mistake, I continued, but instead, she's giving her attention to Champion, then I'm sure Honor Bright when Champion ends his career!

I just hope that in an upcoming book she realizes how much she gave for him and turns to love him again, racer or not, like maybe she'll have a diary like Ashleigh, and they'll be a book saying how she realizes her big mistake. At least they're one that's still loyal to Glory-Imp!
Cindy's Heartbreak was a very emotional book and although it is a sad story, in the end I found myself crying with full sincerity. As soon as I finished the book, I opened it again to the last two chapter hoping that the ending had magically changed. I compiment Karen Bentley on this novel of all the other Thoroughbred Books that I have read (which is all of them!) for writing such a heartfelt and beautiful tale about love and loss. She writes almost exactly how I feel because my Arab was almost killed by a truck and is still recovering and the pony that I learned to ride on when I was only two (I am thirteen now) I know will not live through another winter. Even though you are expecting a tragity to occur, nothing really helps to sooth the pain. Karen Bentley captures this important concept completely. This is the best Thoroughbred novel I have ever read, a page turner! I think most, including myself, read this story in a little over an hour. Thank you Mrs. Karen Bentley!!!!
greed style
I loved Storm. He always tried his hardest to please Cindy and Ashleigh. He was always on his best behavior and would do anything for you. He ran his heart out in his races and when he losed he was heart broken. He was the sweetiest horse I ever heard of in the Thoroughbred series, and he was one of my top favoirtes. When I read this book I cried for a week or more and I am right now just talking about him. I have a parakeet named Storm and he is the sweetiest bird I know. I could compare him to Storm. He is always sweet and tries to please me. He hardly ever bites or anything. I also have a parakeet named Glory. I could also compare him to Glory. He is big, same color as Glory, sweet and hard to control, and kinda fast but faster than my others. Now Storm is just a dust in the wind in the books now. I still think of him and miss him terriobly and what would I do when my all time fav mare dies, (Ashleigh's Wonder.)