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Author: Aline Countess of Romanones
Publisher: Jove Books; 1st Printing edition (June 1988)
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María Aline Griffith Dexter, Countess of Romanones (22 May 1923 – 11 December 2017) . Romanones published seven books; six are presented as non-fiction and one is a novel.

María Aline Griffith Dexter, Countess of Romanones (22 May 1923 – 11 December 2017) was an American-born Spanish aristocrat, socialite, and writer who worked in the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II and later for the CIA as a spy. She was a member of the International Best Dressed List since 1962. The three Spy books all dealt with her involvement in espionage and intelligence. The Earth Rests Lightly (1964) which tells the story of her renovation of Pascualete, a work in progress. An American in Spain (1980).

Her book describes how she (nee Aline Griffith) was recruited by the OSS while working as a model at Hattie Carnegie's .

Her book describes how she (nee Aline Griffith) was recruited by the OSS while working as a model at Hattie Carnegie's, trained in espionage, and sent to Madrid. The author also details her lifestyle among the rich and famous.

The Spy Wore Red book. 1943: Beautiful young American model Aline Griffith is recruited.

Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 18 years ago. I read this book while on a boat. I could not sleep until I read the last page.

In her third book, The Spy Wore Silk, Aline unveils a true story of royalty and murder: it is 1971, and news reports of the near-assassination of Morocco’s King Hassan II. .THE SPY WORE RED - Aline, Countess of Romanones.

In her third book, The Spy Wore Silk, Aline unveils a true story of royalty and murder: it is 1971, and news reports of the near-assassination of Morocco’s King Hassan II shock Aline. It is her job to make sure that the would-be assassins do not succeed in their second attempt. THE SPY WORE SILK - Aline, Countess of Romanones. Aline, Countess of Romanones. As an undercover agent, Aline wends her way through lavish Madrid balls and dinners greeting the crème de la crème of Spanish society.

Aline, Countess of Romanones. Aline, Countess of Romanones, lived a life of glamour and danger that Ingrid Bergman only played at in Notorious - Times magazine. Her narrative reflects sensitively and accurately the clandestine intrigue and strategic maneuvers that marked the struggle between the secret services as well as the Allied and Axis powers and the atmosphere and high social live in wartime Spain - William J. Casey, OSS agent, 1942-45, CIA director, 1981-1987.

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Aline Countess of Romanones

Aline Countess of Romanones. THE SPY WORE RED, New York Times best seller list When Aline Griffith was born in Pearl River, New York, in 1923, one might have guessed from her exceptional beauty that a career as an actress or a model might be in her future. Flag as Inappropriate. Romanones has published seven books to date: six are non-fiction and one is a novel. The Spy Wore Red (1988). The Spy Went Dancing (1991). The Spy Wore Silk (1991). The Well-Mannered Assassin (1994), her first novel, based in part on Carlos The Jackal.

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User reviews
How delightful to find all four books by Aline, Countess of Romanones available on Amazon as Ebooks! Her days as an OSS Agent are amazing! I remember reading each one of them immediately after they were published in hard cover - years ago. Now, I can read these very interesting books again - in my Kindle app, on my iPad! Now, I'm going to look for the audiobooks on Audible. Thanks, Amazon, for making available really good books in their new format - as Ebooks. They would be even better with companion audiobooks!
A wonderful set of books written by a girl recruited as a spy for WWII. This is the real-deal, not puffed up for enjoyment. Opens your eyes to what was really going on
Unusually I read fiction--spy novels, detective stories with lots of ,murders. But this was a wonderful, intriguing nonfiction book. I'm also interested in World War II and this didn't disappoint. It was so interesting the way well known names from that era were woven into the story. This was recommended to me a long time ago and I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to reading it. I plan to read more of her books.
I read this book years ago, and I am so pleased that I found it on Kindle. The series is well-written, exciting, and a true story of an American in Europe during World War II, recruited as a spy in the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. The American spy got to live her fairy tale. She married a Count, and has since lived the glamorous life of a grandee in Spain. I give the whole series 5 stars.
Exciting, but not often enough. Too many names and details to try to keep track of. Interesting historically, but historic figures are scattered and fleeting. Not especially well written. She could have used a ghost writer.
I liked this book mainly because you don't often see spy school or new spies getting their legs under them. Some parts were hard to believe, but what do I know about the 1940s?
I first reviewed this book in 2004, but years later realized it somehow was not listed with my later reviews. For that reason, I am editing and reissuing it now. As a Spanish teacher, I recommended The Spy Wore Red to my high school students for years. Several students later spent college junior year in Spain, returning to tell me how much this book meant to them, appreciating it more following their sojourn there. Enjoying this thriller enabled them to catch glimpses of the old Spain in the new.

Reading and re-reading The Spy Wore Red is a wonderful experience. Most of your other reviewers agree, but there are two aspects they seem to miss: its the richness of traditional Spanish culture, and the book's importance in documenting the gradually-changing role of U.S. women. The young Aline Griffiths, was a real person who later, as an author married to a Spanish nobleman, somewhat fictionalized her true-to-life experiences. A bright, remarkably-well educated, beautiful young American at the beginning of the 1940's, she departed from traditional women's work as a high-fashion New York model to take a daring, adventurous, downright-dangerous job spying for the Allies in just-post-Civil-War Spain. During World War II, Spain was not yet beginning to evolve into what it is today, not yet healed from its own war wounds from the late 1930's, an isolated nation still cut off from modernization, enabling the author to give us a picture of a far more traditional Spanish culture, during a repressive regime in many ways determined to keep it so. Aline Griffiths' vantage point was unique, an outsider accepted into many segments of Spanish society, trusted because of her beauty and charm.

World War II began as the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) ended, so Aline Griffiths arrived as huge social changes were about to occur. This book provides a superb peek into the "old" Spain, the Spain of high romance and extraordinarily traditional, now-antiquated values. Yet it is described in context of a delightfully novel-like autobiographical tale. Although it reads better than most spy fiction, one can take notes on Spanish culture on virtually every page. It is engrossing, culture-rich, and shows a young American girl from Pearl River, New York, doing the kinds of things of which only a grownup Nancy Drew type might have dreamed.
I read about 40%. I was traveling to Spain so I like a book based in the place I'm traveling. I just couldn't get into this book though.