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Michael Jackson Conspiracy Paperback – November 11, 2010. She actually had to self publish.

Michael Jackson Conspiracy Paperback – November 11, 2010. by. Aphrodite Jones (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. In this world there are facts, and there are opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, not to their own facts. Senator Patrick Moynihan. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read a truthful book about Michael Jackson.

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Girl, Gone In 1996, Cal Poly freshman Kristen Smart walked home from a frat party, and was never seen again. And as Aphrodite discovers, there's only one suspect that police have been pursuing - for years. Will this baffling case ever be solved? Airs: Monday, February 25th at 10pm on Investigation Discovery. 5. 4. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Memories of Murder.

Michael Jackson Conspiracy book.

The most common Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theory is that he is alive and well and there have been numerous sightings. However such is always the case with. And they all claim that Jackson worked with them to produce the songs. Quotes from the ex-Sega executive Roger Hector states

Michael Jackson Conspiracy – Aphrodite Jones. 6th September 201212th October 2015. In the book Jones uses both devices – Jackson as victim, and paranoia. It’s not called ‘Michael Jackson Conspracy’ for nothing. Yet for all that, Jones misses one very important thing

Michael Jackson Conspiracy – Aphrodite Jones. The crisis-management objective was acquittal through reasonable doubt, and it was achieved. Yet for all that, Jones misses one very important thing. She fails to give us a convincing motive for this supposed ‘conspiracy’ against Jackson by the media. She may believe that the media could have made money from his downfall, but that is mere conjecture. Conjecture doth not a conspiracy make.

Michael Jackson conspiracy. Jones, Aphrodite. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Author:Aphrodite Jones. Book Binding:Hardback. All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard. After reading Conspiracy, there is little doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson is innocent. Everyone wants proof of his innocence.

Aphrodite Jones discussed her new book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy with a panel, which included k Fuhrman . Understand what happened behind People v. Jackson.

Aphrodite Jones discussed her new book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy with a panel, which included k Fuhrman, on Geraldo At Large on 3, 2007. Visit Michael carried so much hope and light for the world.

Here, seasoned crime reporter Aphrodite Jones condemns the media for perpetuating hateful rumors and innuendoes, recounting just the . Michael jackson conspiracy.

They had built a highly profitable industry around the superstar's "freaky life" and banked on his conviction. anxious co drag Michael's image through the mud. In the end, a hungry media was unable to Sec what twelve ordinary citizens had seen aU a:long: there was no proof that Michael Jackson. had. committed any crimes ar all.

Providing vivid details that people never saw in the news, Jones describes Michael Jackson's accuser Gavin Arvizo and his family as a band of grifters and a group of gold-diggers, who were looking for a payday in Hollywood.

Aphrodite Jones uses the court transcripts and photo evidence never before seen by the public to tell the real story behind the salacious headlines -- and what went on inside -- and outside -- Michael Jackson's highly sensationalized 2005 criminal trial. Turns out, inside the courtroom, there was no proof offered of Michael Jackson as a sinister character, and no proof that he committed a single crime. In their efforts to win ratings, Jones proves,the media completely missed the truth. Back then, Jackson was the pop icon everyone loved to hate. Now, with Michael Jackson Conspiracy, he may be restored to the pop icon everyone loves to love.
User reviews
I don't know if you're like me, but ever since Michael Jackson passed away, I have been really curious to know the truth.

I don't think there has ever been anyone more misrepresented in human history than Michael Jackson. He said in an interview that '99.9% of what's written about me is not true.' He said this long before he ever went on trial.

After he was found 'not guilty' of the 10 charges, he was still treated as if he was guilty by the media. Forced to leave the country, to go to Bahrain, like a bird tossed out of its nest, never to return to Neverland again.

I wondered: 'well if he's innocent of the trial charges, what about the 1993 case where there was a settlement..'

When Aphrodite Jones went to numerous publishers, nobody wanted to publish a pro Jackson book, a book that would tell the truth about the trial. She actually had to self publish.

"In this world there are facts, and there are opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, not to their own facts." Senator Patrick Moynihan.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read a truthful book about Michael Jackson. The further you get into this book, the more you realise how Michael was not only not guilty but truly had the innocence and nature of a 10 year old child.

This naivete made him easy prey for a predatory reporter such as Bashir, who got a career making opportunity to film a documentary for free only to taint it with his own duplicity, sinister interpretation and innuendo. He reputedly sold the documentary to ABC for $7 million, and got a job as anchor, destroying MJ in the process without a second thought. After all, would a pedophile invite a camera crew into his home, and admit to sharing a bedroom with 10 year old kids. If children were abused, would there not be an immediate change in their behavior. Would their parents also staying at the house not notice this?

No.. Pedophiles act out of compulsion, cannot control themselves, and usually have many victims.

This naivete made him easy prey for the Arvizos who did the round of other celebrities such as Chris Tucker, George Lopez, and even Jay Leno looking for a handout. These guys got wiser sooner.

Among the many revelations in this book: The Arvizos deny on four separate occasions after the Bashir documentary that any molestation ever took place, on audio tape, on a rebuttal video, to DCFS workers, and to Gavin Arvizo's school principal.

Only after visiting the same civil attorney used in the 1993 case, after all this did Arvizo make a final return to Neverland. It is then he alleges the incident happened. Under cross examination, it is established that if Arvizo got a criminal conviction, he could sue MJ in a civil action until he was 18.

In the trial, the 1993 evidence was introduced. Jordan Chandler refused to testify against Michael Jackson. His mother did appear as a witness and surprisingly said she never had any qualms about her son being around Michael Jackson.

Janet Arvizo gave wild and wacky testimony, alleging that MJ conspired to keep her family captive at Neverland, and that he planned to abduct her son. Meanwhile she charges thousands of dollars for beauty treatments on the Neverland account in a local town, gets dental treatment for her soon paid by Jackson, alleges MJ made her fly to Miami to give a rebuttal interview. The truth is she found out MJ was in Miami and had Chris Tucker charter a jet for her to fly out with her children.

Janet Arvizo previously alleged sexual assault against JC Penney when her son was arrested for shoplifting. She claimed a security guard tweaked her nipple 25 times. She won a large settlement. Mesereau exposed glaring inconsistencies in the evidence in that case, particularly her claims that she had been assaulted yet the police photos taken shortly after showed no signs of assault, or even a need for medical attention, yet days later she turns up to an attorney with fresh color photos with bruises. She lied to a newspaper about having not having medical insurance, and lied about the cost of treatment to get them to raise money for her family.

What will amaze you as you read this book, is how many viewed Michael Jackson as a meal ticket for life. Disgruntled former employees who had lost multi million dollar lawsuits made the most outrageous allegations, which were skilfully dismantled and disproven by the incisive cross examination of Tom Mesereau.

About the 1993 agreement, Jackson said on the Prime Time Diane Sawyer interview, that the only reason he was sitting there giving the interview was that the photographs taken of his parts did not match up with the description of the accuser. There are many more surprises waiting between the covers of this book.

If you are filled with a burning curiosity to know the truth, you can feel confident that this book is true. If you are curious to explore even further I may post some links in the comment section below.

I hope you find this helpful.

Update: As of August 30,2009, I have now reviewed Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness.
The 2005 actual trial coverage only runs to 17 pages out of 700 odd, with 40 pages about the events leading up to it. It's nowhere near as detailed as Aphrodite Jones book, yet it's interesting to read a different account, and he uncovers interesting facts about the JC Penney case. He also lays down a precise timeline before the trial happened, which could make you wonder why this case ever went to trial. The 2009 edition adds the trial and the final years, to the previous edition written before the 2005 trial. Very little duplication between these two books.

Update Nov 3, 2009: If you have not already seen This Is It, I highly recommend it. Considering it is a rehearsal, the standard of filming the sequences is very high, Michael's voice still has it's magic, it features new complete video with MJ being chased by Humphrey Bogart, and new video to go with other classic songs such as Thriller. Truly some magical moments, and interesting to see the level of detail that goes into this type of production. A masterful job by Director Kenny Ortega, and a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson.
Elastic Skunk
What can I say? Truly one of the most definite books detailing every aspect and stuff what's going on during the tragedies, scandals, setbacks, coverups and stuff behind the greatest entertainer that ever lived in the planet. Yes folks, i'm talking about the legendary King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson (May the Lord bless his soul in Heaven and in Peace).

Without going into alot of detail and everything, I dearly suggest those who are reading this and whom loved and understand Michael is deeply give this book a chance. To all the haters and attackers, I hope you clear your mind for a moment and clearly understand the Truth and not for all of the BS. Ms. Jones does an incredible job staying specific and honest with the story without sugarcoating nothing. I truly admired her and just discover her from the TV show True Crime with Aphrodite Jones among other sources. U can't go wrong with this.

For your sake, just read the book and hopefully by grace, you'll get a deep understanding and reason why this artist's life and legacy was ended by turmoil, destruction and tragedy.
The author Aphrodite Jones uses "People of the State of California vs Michael Joe Jackson," the 2005 criminal trial of the King of Pop, as a case study to reveal the failure and dereliction of duty by North American media to inform the public of available facts.

Whether the reader of this book is a Jackson fan or not a Jackson fan is irrelevant. Whether the reader believes in Jackson's guilt or Jackson's innocence is irrelevant. What, then, is relevant?

This book outlines in disturbing detail what the North American public, and possibly the entire world's public, missed in their unfortunate dependence upon North American mainstream reporters for accurate information surrounding Jackson's trial. Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom, and so the public had to depend upon second, third, and fouth-hand sources to learn about the evidence presented in the case against Jackson, for instance, the bizarre twist that numerous witnesses for the prosecution provided testimony favorable to the defendant--Jackson. However, the reporters who did sit inside the courtroom and had the benefit of first-hand knowledge of evidence and witness testimony refused to report with any degree of accuracy.


Since reporters in attendance were unable to control the events inside the courtroom that resulted in Jackson's exoneration and release from custody, these reporters chose instead to control the court of public opinion with propaganda. Rather than deliver a complete, fair, and unbiased presentation on evidence and witness testimony, these reporters saturated news outlets with cherry-picked sound bites that presumed and anticipated Jackson's guilt.


Greed. Jackson found guilty and forced into prison due to overwhelming public outcry would have increased television ratings, website hits, and newspaper circulation. Jackson found innocent and released to continue a free life due to the lack of evidence would have resulted in decreased revenue and possibly embarrasing admissions of the vulgar want of ethics in reportage. Facts were made available to the reporters who swarmed the trial. But the reporters decided not to share those facts with the public.

To this day, ten years after the event, most of North America's public still do not understand the jury's decision to exonerate Jackson and find him innocent of all ten (10) charges. Even when allowed the option to find Jackson guilty of lesser (misdemeanor) charges, the jury refused and reaffirmed Jackson's complete innocence.

The author's provision of selected court transcripts, her willingness to share what she herself observed inside the courtroom, plus her willingness to blow the whistle on discrepancies in the presentations of fellow reporters reveal that, in fact, North America's media betrayed the public's trust. Despite the media's aggressive attempts to force a guilty verdict, twelve representatives of the State of California (and the people) examined the facts, the testimonies, and the evidence from the 1993 allegations as well as the 2003 allegations and concluded that Jackson was innocent.

What is the significance of Jones' work? Think very hard about the ugly truth of what Jackson's trial revealed.

If mainstream media betrayed the public's trust in their inaccurate coverage of Jackson's trial, in what other arenas has mainstream media betrayed the public's trust with inaccurate coverage?

Foreword by Tom Mesereau. Twenty-eight (28) pages of black and white photos.
A very accurate account of Michael Jackson's 2005 molestation trial. Jones makes you feel like you're sitting in the courtroom. Told from the defense' perspective, Jones uses a lot of actual transcript material.
At times the book can become repetitive or stay too long on certain testimony but it is a very vivid account of how the media prejudiced the public against Jackson and gave a scary portrayal of when the courts and especially the prosecution try to bring a false case against an innocent client for obsessive and racial reasons.
I think the book will appeal to both Jackson fans and those who are still on the fence as to whether the "King of Pop" was actually a pedophile.