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I started working in music in the era of Suzi Quatro and so I was interested to read a book that would name-check (among others) Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Aice Cooper, Debbie Harry, and a little known screen siren named Tallulah Bankhead. but maybe the 'asides' she constantly makes to little "Susie" get a bit tiresome after a while.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Little Susie from Detroit grew up to be legendary rocker Suzi Quatro, international superstar musician and actress.

Suzi is also releasing a poetry book soon called ‘Through my Eyes’. Suzi Quatro, fourth of five children, born under the sign of Gemini, on June 3rd, 1950, in Detroit Michigan. and her own self designed christmas cards  . getting to number 2 in the Australian charts where she continues to tour. She was raised in a musical family, including 3 sisters and one brother, who all played various instruments.

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Can The Can. 25 Years Of Rock & Roll - 1973.

Has anybody seen my girl. the pleasure seekers. Can The Can.

Strap in, this is sure to be a bumpy ride. Posted: Wednesday August 15 2012.

Here, Suzi Quatro reveals how her rise to fame opened bitter rifts in her . So how about that producer signing little Suzi up, eh?" I heard him saying.

Here, Suzi Quatro reveals how her rise to fame opened bitter rifts in her family - and helped destroy her marriage. We called ourselves the Pleasure Seekers and were soon booked into dance halls all over the area, doing gigs with up-and-coming local musicians such as Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. The band went from strength to strength, with my sister Arlene coming in on piano. When I was 17, we got a two-week booking in New York. We were dressed in plastic, leopard-print minidresses and went down a storm.

With an international tour celebrating the 70s that kicks off at the end of 2017, Unzipped is the story of how Little Susie from Detroit grew up to become the international superstar musician, actress and glam rock sensation Suzi Quatro.

The glam rock icon behind such hits as 'Can the Can', 'Devil Gate Drive' and 'Your Mamma Won't Like Me' has sold over 50 million records worldwide and has worked, partied and rocked out with legendary figures such as Noddy Holder, Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Suzi Quatro's transformation from girl to glam rocker was fuelled by huge talent, determination, hard work and a fabulous sense of humour, but it wasn't easy.

In Unzipped, Quatro tells her story of life behind the scenes and in the thick of it as one of the first major break-out female rock bassists. Later, she went on to Hollywood to join the cast of Happy Days, juggling her acting and music career with a turbulent personal life and constant touring around the world. Through it all, she never lost her passion to perform or her sense of adventure.

Suzi Quatro remembers it all in this brilliantly personal and funny book, a thrilling account of a life lived going hell for leather.

User reviews
When I discovered the Runaways a bit after they broke up, Joan Jett hadn't made it big yet. Then I heard my uncle's Suzi Quatro lp (as well as an 8-track!) it seemed kind of older? Primitive? Basic? Well anyway I've got a chance to rediscover here early stuff, It sounds cool (speaking of which I knew of her from Happy Days also). And because she's so good looking, I've been trying to get some video stuff of hers. Then the book. A good read, interesting, sad at times. I was disappointed in her dabbling in the occult (and she was warned not to dabble) as well her 'spirituality' which is like that Shirley Maclaine stuff (I listened to the Shirley Roden thing on YouTube - no thanks! Even her kid wasn't thrilled!). One interesting thing in the book was talking of her song 'Michael' and how it wasn't about any of the Michael's that she mentions in the book. Then she sez although it isn't fair, some secrets aren't meant to be revealed. Let ME ask: Was she writing about ME? Well, she never denied it unlike with those other guys! Seriously, I have a pretty good idea who it is, but out of respect for her I'll follow her lead and keep it to myself.
If you are a Suzi Quatro fan this book is in the MUST READ category. I am almost finished the book and have enjoyed each and every turn of the page.There are photo inserts to enjoy as well. I am almost to the end and can't wait to get there.
Great book.
Great book, provides a lot of insight to her career and thinking. Recommend
The pages of this book uniquely reveal a very intense physical and emotional roller coaster ride describing what little Susie from Detroit went through to become Rock'N'Roll Star Suzi Quatro. There is humor and there is sadness. But be forewarned that once you start reading this book you won't beable to put it down until you reach the last word...and kleenex maybe required for optimum reading experience. Enjoy!
Very interesting insight into Suzi's mind. I enjoyed the journey!
OMG! This is one of the best biographies I have ever read. It is funny it is sad it is inspiring and it's REAL. Suzi Q never fails to be bluntly honest when she thinks she needs to be and she never leaves out the nitty gritty details even if it paints her as a little odd.
I just love this book and I totally disagree with comments made by other reviewers who make negative comments - they are just unfounded I reckon. Suzi is really opening her heart and mind and really doesn't hold back - warts and all! She is a real genuine, sincere and empathetic person. Buy this book and judge for yourself. Certainly if you are a Suzi fan, you will love it. She is the true and original queen of rock n roll.