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by Jonathan Elphick,Katrina Cook

Free eBook Birds download ISBN: 1847241999
Author: Jonathan Elphick,Katrina Cook
Publisher: Quercus; 1st edition (June 1, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 224
Category: Art and workmanship
Subcategory: History and Criticism
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Size FLAC: 1723 mb
Rating: 4.8
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Katrina Cook is a bird artist and a curator at London's Natural History Museum, where she works on. .She is also a qualified bird ringer.

Katrina Cook is a bird artist and a curator at London's Natural History Museum, where she works on one of the largest and most scientifically important collections of avian material in the world. His books include The Atlas of Bird Migration, Birds: The Art of Ornithology, and Encyclopedia of Animals.

Jonathan Elphick’s most popular book is RSPB Pocket Birds. Showing 30 distinct works. RSPB Pocket Birds by. Jonathan Elphick, John Woodward.

Katrina van Grouw is a British science author, illustrator, and fine artist, best known for her illustrated natural science books The Unfeathered Bird and Unnatural Selection published by Princeton University Press. She has degrees in Fine Art and Natural History Illustration. Van Grouw is a self-taught ornithologist with an interest in comparative anatomy, evolution, and the history of the natural sciences.

During a career spanning almost forty years, he has written many books, including The World of Birds, the best seller Birdsong, and the award-winning Birdwatcher’s Handbook.

Introduction by. Jonathan Elphick. Place of Publication. Katrina Cook is a regarded bird artist and curator. As a curator at the Natural History Museum, London, Katrina works on one of the largest and most scientifically important collections of avian material in the world.

Birds: A Guide Book to British Birds By Jonathan Elphick, Robert Gillmor, Owen. Birds by Katrina Cook Foreword By Jonathan Elphick 2007. Postage not specified. THE WORLD OF BIRDS - Elphick, Jonathan.

His books include The Atlas of Bird Migration, Birds: The Art of Ornithology, and Encyclopedia of Animals. the noble dimensions of Birds is itself a reminder of the heroic tradition of bird-book publishing.

Birds tells the remarkable story of the development of ornithological art through the ages, from the earliest images of birds in the Renaissance, through the Age of Exploration, to the present day. Brilliantly reproduced original artworks by such renowned artists as Audubon, Gould, MacGillivray, Thorburn, and Wolfe are included

A giant-format celebration of birds in art from Audubon to Wolf
User reviews
This book is breathtakingly beautiful. It's plates are 14"X17" with vibrant colors and accurate reproductions of the best and most artistic bird art ever done. This book is the closest thing to having a genuine print from the most loved and admired avian artists that can be imagined. A must have in any ornithological library.
A great big book! Amazing artist illustrations, and the book is educational and beautiful. Highly recommended. This book is perfect as a gift to any birder, bird lover or scientist/biologist that appreciates the history of birds.
Fabulous book!!!
Many of my friends wonder why in the world would anyone want 1200 Bird Books and still be excited with another one. Well, this is just one that answers that question.In the World of Birding,the interests are limitless;and that it what attracts so many of us to it.Some simply enjoy a walk outdoors to look for,watch and listen to birds, and that is fine. Others keep lists of birds seen locally,annually,daily,or in their travels far and wide.Others have interests in banding,protection,rehabilation,scientifically,photographing,social aspects of fellow Birders;and without doubt,one of the outstanding aspects of birds is the artwork that has been created ever since people have noticed the ever present existence of birds around them.Pictures of birds have been found from the times man first created art on the walls of the caves they called home;and has continued throughout the centuries to fill the homes,books and walls of museums.
Many of the Bird Books in my collection are books of Bird Art.I once met Roger Peterson, and when asked what was his favorite bird he replied,"The one I'm looking at,at the time." That astute thought can be applied to many things;and certainly to Bird Art.
This book is huge by just about any standard.17.2 X 14.2 X 1.6 inches;224 pages,and weighs 7.7 pounds.Everything about it is excellent from the quality of construction, glossy hard cover and dust jacket ,both front and back artwork,fine paper,printing and color reproduction and 130 full page or larger, magnificent the author had to choose from is huge,the ones chosen are some of the best known and loved in the western world,and with even some from the eastern world included.
Naturally ,a book of this type cannot include everyone's favorite,and it may not include yours,but it does what was intended;and that is, to show the magnificent art that has been created by artists over the centuries.
It is a book any person interestered in birds will love,and would be an appreciated gift for a friend or even yourself.It has quickly become one of my favorites.
Magnificent. Even if you knew-- or cared-- very little about birds before, you cannot help but be enthralled by this book. The reproduction artworks are gorgeous and the production is excellent. Katrina Cook's writing not only illuminates the art but also the printing techniques that made them possible, as well as the lives of the men and women behind the pictures. By the end, I felt as if I had been through a masterclass on the subject. This book is now one of the highlights of my library.
We just purchased this book and spent the last hour looking through it. The artwork is old and beautiful for those of us who appreciate the old timey Audubon-esq drawings. I highly recommend this for anyone who appreciates fine artwork in general and birds in particular. Each drawing is accompanied by an interesting description of either the subject or the type of drawing. It's oversized pages give you the feeling that you are in a museum full of wonderful artwork. Birders beware, you will love this book.
This is a wonderful book. It's so big, you can practically feel the birds on the pages, except that the collection is so eclectic, you dodge from realistic to fantastic renditions of every kind of bird you can imagine. It's fun to look at, and a pleasure to read. I think anyone who loves birds, or the art they inspire will love this book.