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by Eva Jolene Boyd

Free eBook Exterminator: Thoroughbred Legends download ISBN: 1581500874
Author: Eva Jolene Boyd
Publisher: Eclipse Press; 1 edition (October 25, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 176
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Love this book, part of the Legend series. I love to read about horses . Exterminator" is the 18th volume in the excellent & Legends' series published by the Eclipse Press. 4 people found this helpful.

Exterminator: Thoroughbred Legends. I believe Exterminator was the earliest subject of a book in the Thoroughbred Legends series. Thoroughbred Legends. Because of that, this book is quite different than the others. The times were different, and horse racing was a different kind of game than it became a few years later. In addition, as a gelding, there wasn’t the progeny to write about, which tends to consume a large portion of most of these books.

Book in the Thoroughbred Legends Series). Exterminator captures the public's imagination from the start. The rangy gelding went from work horse to Kentucky Derby winner to durable campaigner during his eight years on the track.

In 1957, Exterminator was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. The Blood-Horse ranking of the top 100 .

Even in the time of great horses like Man o' War, Colonel Matt J. Winn, the father of the Kentucky Derby, called Exterminator "the greatest all-around Thoroughbred in American racing history. Old Bones" as he was called, ran from 1917-1924 and even won the 1918 Kentucky Derby. Gelded as a two-year-old, Exterminator was purchased as a work mate for Willis Sharpe Kilmer's Kentucky Derby hopeful, Sun Briar.

Boyd has written articles for The Thoroughbred Record, Turf and Sports Digest, SPUR, The Backstretch, and The Blood Horse.

Her book asserts that he infact only started in 99 races not the 100 popularized in error. The Daily Racing Form ("DRF") which has kept meticulous records - does not have evidence to support 100 starts. Exterminator: Thoroughbred Legends. Publisher:Eclipse Press Author: Boyd, Eva Jolene Publication Date:2002-10-25 ISBN-10:1581500874 ISBN-13:9781581500875 Number of Pages:176 Pages Book Type:hardcover Weight:403 gram Books Dimensions: Format of ebooks: PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document. Brief introduction of ebooks.

Discover ideas about Thoroughbred. Exterminator Thoroughbred Legends. Famous book Mustang, Spirit of the West-by Marguerite Henry lead to the 1971 Act of Congress Protecting America's Wild Horses. Thoroughbred Derby Classic. Today many are fighting to ensure better treatment for our wild horses. Beautiful Feet Books about horses.

Exterminator captures the public's imagination from the start. The rangy gelding went from work horse to Kentucky Derby winner to durable campaigner during his eight years on the track.
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Exterminator was an incredible horse. He won the Kentucky Derby as a late sign-in because his stable-mate was scratched. No one expected him to even show let alone win. He was all heart and some say he could have possibly even beaten Man 'O War! Now that is saying something. I read a book about him when I was a girl called, Old Bones the Wonder Horse, and I never forgot him. His story touched me because he was somewhat of a forerunner to Seabisquit--a big surprise to everyone who knew him. Eva Jolene captures the history of this great American gelding and brings him to life for horse-lovers to embrace. She presents a living, breathing animal that gave his all for his handlers, owners, and fans. He ran until he was 11 years old! You'll like the story of one of the early greats of the racing world; he will inspire you in your own life's journey. Read it for pleasure and honor the horse whose spirit captured my heart.
Love this book, part of the Legend series... This horse is wonderful.. I love to read about horses,,,,
Exterminator: Thoroughbred Legends is unfortunately a bit dry (compared to, say, Kelso: The Horse of Gold, or Seabiscuit: An American Legend), so the power and excitement of this one-of-a-kind racehorse and his knuckle-biting racing style, not to mention his trials and tribulations, are not conveyed. However, if you just want to know more about Exterminator's brilliant career, this book will do, down to the NTRA racing charts for all his 99 (yes, 99) races.
I was introduced to Exterminator by one of my grade school teachers, who read "Old Bones the Wonder Horse" by Mildred Mastin Pace to us. I never forgot the story of the ugly race horse (his owner called him 'the goat') that could run faster than his beautiful stablemate, Sun Briar. The moral of this children's book was "Pretty is as pretty does."

Of course, the historical relationship between Exterminator and Sun Briar was much more complicated, and Sun Briar turned out to be a decent runner (he was the unofficial two-year-old champion) and a good stud. However, Exterminator was in a league of his own when it came to running long distances, and carrying tremendous amounts of weight. He won races while packing up to 35 pounds more than his opponents--a handicap that would be unthinkable in today's Thoroughbred world. He also won the 1918 Kentucky Derby, as a last-minute substitute for his stablemate, Sun Briar at odds of 30-1.

The Derby was almost cancelled that year, because of the war, and it was also the wettest Derby ever run--2.31 inches of rain soaked the Churchill Downs track prior to the race. Exterminator's trainer, Henry McDaniel laid down two hundred dollars on the race time favorite, War Cloud, but by the time the contestants galloped past the finishing post, it was Exterminator in the mud by a length.

"So unexpected was Exterminator's victory that a local reporter was told by his editor to 'sober up,' when he submitted his story by phone."

"Exterminator" is the 18th volume in the excellent `Thoroughbred Legends' series published by the Eclipse Press. Author, Eva Jolene Boyd does a fine job of bringing the 'Golden Age' of American Thoroughbred racing to life through her animated descriptions of a great racehorse, and the eccentric characters surrounding him.
It's not often that a really special horse comes along. This is a must read about a gelding that had it all and then some. A definite must read about an almost lost and forgotten legend, Old Bones.
A terrific book about a terrific horse. A story of a horse that was almost overlooked and went on to become a superstar. If I could own only two horses they would be Exterminator and John Henry. Great read that answered a question that I didn't know existed. Exterminator actually had 99 starts instead of 100 as popularly believed.
This book is a great read especially for some insight in Binghamton history and Willis Sharpe Kilmer. Exterminator deserves to be remembered as a great champion.