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by Eugene H. Peterson

Free eBook The Message: Psalms download ISBN: 0891097880
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Publisher: Navpress Pub Group (April 1, 1994)
Language: English
Pages: 199
Category: Books for Christians
Subcategory: Bible Study and Reference
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In most English translations, the Psalms sound smooth and polished. Elizabethan rhythms and style dominate. As literature, they are beyond compare. But as prayer-God-directed expressions of anger, praise, and lament-most English translations miss something vital.

"Prayer is elemental, not advanced, language," writes biblical languages scholar Eugene H. Peterson. "It is the means by which our language becomes honest, true, and personal. In the original Hebrew, the Psalms are not genteel-they're earthy and rough. They are not the prayers of nice people, couched in cultured language. But they have an immense range of gut-level honesty and passion that provides them with terrific energy."

In Psalms, Peterson brings these ancient prayers to life for modern readers by translating the rhythm and idiom of the original Hebrew into contemporary English-all the while maintaining the song-like meter and lyrical quality of your favorite translations.

If this is your introduction to the Psalms, you will understand them instantly. And if you are a long-time student of the Word of God, we invite you to read the Psalms again-for the very first time.

User reviews
This relatively slim hardback Message version is my alternative Psalter for one of two Daily Offices(Matins and Vespers), the other being the Revised Grail Psalter used in Benedictine communities. I recommend the hardback vs. soft back edition since it stands up to daily use better, in my opinion. Dr. Peterson provides that refreshingly modern English idiom which often brings out insightful nuances of the text. However, this version is not pointed for chanting, which is the main historical, traditional way of praying the psalms. Read slowly and reflectively, however, we can still allow the Spirit to move in, with, and under the words for individuals or the community.
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I love having a copy of the Psalms with me - and this small book is just the right size to carry in my purse. And, paraphrased by Eugene Peterson puts David's writings in today's language. God's word right to the heart of the message!
Peterson offers a contemporary look at the Psalms. While this is only one person's point of view, he brings the religious history into present day perspective. I find it very timely to read and occasionally starkly truthful. I enjoy comparing the "old" with the "new".
I have never been a big fan of the Message translation of (commentary on) the Scriptures. As an X-er it seemed dated to me right off the press and I just didn't love what he did with some of my favorite texts. But when I saw the Peterson's attempt at the Psalms in a thrift store ($1) at the same time I was reading (and enjoying) his `Christ Plays in 10,000 places,' I decided to pick it up. Bottom line: It would have been worth more than full price. Peterson's poetic style fits the Psalms much better than the narrative of the Gospels/Acts or Paul's analytical approach. The words he chooses to render the stanzas of canonical worship tug at my soul.
From the bible scholar to the beginner this book has a refreshing way of bringing the bible into personal perspective. The author has brought the bible to life in a very practical way! I recommend this book to those who have to date considered the bible to be boring and of no practical use. I recommend this book to the student of the bible who wants more than just words on a page! I recommend this book to the person who uses the bible on a daily basis to bring newness to their bible time. I recommend this book!